Prince Edward Island has a vibrantly rich military history. In order for us to showcase this history and tell the story of Islanders who served in uniform, we rely on donations of various artefacts such as uniforms, weapons, medal, books, or photographs. These donations may become part of new or existing displays. Donation Box

Artefacts that are permanently donated become the property of the Museum. An appraisal of the item(s) will be completed by the curator who accepts the donation. The curator will, in turn, issue a tax receipt for the appraised value. Knowing the history of the artifact, such as who owned the item, when and how it was obtained, and its significance can potentially increase the item’s value and document its authenticity.


As a military museum, we receive partial funding for specific projects through the Directorate of History and Heritage or from other grants that we are eligible to apply for. However, funds required for routine operations must be generated from local resources which may include grants and donations from interested individuals, groups or other organizations. Tax receipts will be issued upon request.


Ways to Donate:

  • If you visit the museum, we have a donation box onsite. Monetary donations are gratefully accepted and we thank you for your support
  • By mail, to:Prince Edward Island Regiment Museum
    c/o 88 Watts Avenue
    Charlottetown    PE   C1E 2C1
  • If you would like to donate historic military artefacts or would like more information, contact the Museum at (902) 368-0108